Wild Nutrition Bespoke Woman Food Grown Pregnancy 60 Capsules

Wild Nutrition


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Wild Nutrition Bespoke Woman Food Grown Pregnancy 60 Capsuleshave beenexpertly formulated to support a woman’s nutritional needs during pregnancy. Each capsule contains acomprehensive blend of food-state nutrients and whole food concentrates within abespoke formula that includes: Zinc: for it’s contribution to normal cell division & DNA sythesis. Vitamin B3: for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Chromium: which contributes to normal metabolism of fats, carbohydrates & proteins and the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Vitamin B12, D, Iron, Magnesium + Selenium: which helps healthy cell division, provides protection against cell damage & supports immune health. Folic Acid:arecommended dose of 400iu, which contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy. The unique formulation found inFood-State Pregnancy 60 Capsules,focus on key ingredients (above) that are positively demonstrated through research. It

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