Wild Nutrition General Living Food-State Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids 60 Tablets

Wild Nutrition


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Wild Nutrition Food-State Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids 60 Tablets areproduced in a citrus pulp, which provide all the key nutrients needed for maximum effect in the body. The food-state vitamin C used in this formula has been shown to be significantly better absorbed and retained by the body than other forms, and with a superior bio-availability, it reduces the need for mega dosing. Vitamin C is best known in its role as an antioxidant for protecting cells and DNA from oxidative stress and for maintaining healthy immune function, especially during and after intense exercise. Vitamin C’santioxidant activity is even greater when accompanied by natural flavonoid molecules, and this is why a 160mg of mixed bioflavonoids (from natural sources) have been included too. 60 tablets. Highly bioavailable. Contains vitamin C with160mgof mixed bioflavonoids. Includes antioxidant properties. Supports normal collagen formation for blood vessels, bones, gums, skin, teeth &

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